Craving Authentic Mexican? Explore Cilantro Taqueria!

Cilantro Taqueria

Looking for a delicious and affordable taste of Mexico? Look no further than Cilantro Taqueria! This Cleveland-based chain is known for its fresh ingredients, flavorful dishes, and fast-casual service. Whether you’re a seasoned taco connoisseur or a newcomer to Mexican cuisine, Cilantro Taqueria has something to satisfy your cravings.

What to Expect at Cilantro Taqueria

Cilantro Taqueria offers a casual dining experience. You can order at the counter, choose your toppings, and find a seat to enjoy your meal. Their menu features a variety of:

  • Tacos: Choose from classic fillings like carne asada, al pastor, and veggie, or explore their unique offerings like the “Korean BBQ” or “Buffalo Chicken.”
  • Burritos: Build your burrito with your favorite fillings, rice, beans, and salsas.
  • Tortas: These Mexican sandwiches come filled with meat, cheese, and toppings on fresh bread.
  • Other options: They also offer quesadillas, rice bowls, and refreshing drinks like agua frescas.

Here’s what makes Cilantro Taqueria stand out:

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients: They use fresh, never-frozen meats and vegetables in their dishes.
  • Variety of options: The menu caters to different dietary preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Affordable prices: You can enjoy a delicious and filling meal without breaking the bank.
  • Fast and friendly service: The staff is always happy to help you create your perfect meal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cilantro Taqueria

  1. What are your hours of operation? Hours vary by location, but most are open 11 am to 10 pm weekdays and have extended hours on weekends. You can find specific hours on their website.
  2. Do you offer dine-in or takeout? Both dine-in and takeout are available.
  3. Do you have vegetarian or vegan options? Yes, they offer several vegetarian and vegan options, including veggie tacos, burritos, and rice bowls.
  4. Do you have gluten-free options? They offer gluten-free tortillas, but it’s important to be aware of potential cross-contamination.
  5. What are your payment methods? They accept major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.
  6. Do you offer catering? Catering options are available at some locations.
  7. Do you have a loyalty program? Yes, they offer a loyalty program where you can earn points towards rewards.
  8. Is there outdoor seating? Some locations offer outdoor seating, but it depends on the specific location.
  9. Is there a kids’ menu? They do not have a specific kids’ menu, but they offer smaller portions for children.
  10. Do you offer delivery? Delivery is available through third-party delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub in some locations.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Cilantro Taqueria and experience the taste of authentic Mexican cuisine!

Do Mexicans eat a lot of cilantro?

Yes, Mexicans use cilantro extensively in their cuisine. It’s a staple ingredient in many traditional dishes. Here’s why:

  • Flavor Profile: Cilantro adds a bright, fresh, and slightly citrusy flavor that complements the richness of Mexican food.
  • Abundance: Cilantro is widely grown in Mexico, making it easily accessible and affordable.
  • Culinary Tradition: Mexicans have used aromatic herbs like cilantro for centuries, creating a deep-rooted culinary connection to the ingredient.
  • Versatile Ingredient: Cilantro is used in various ways:
    • Garnish: Chopped cilantro is a common topping for tacos, soups, and stews.
    • Salsa Ingredient: It’s a key component in salsas like pico de gallo and salsa verde.
    • Flavor Base: Cilantro forms a base for many sauces and marinades.

While cilantro is beloved in Mexican cooking, it’s important to note that taste preferences vary. Some people have a genetic predisposition that makes cilantro taste like soap, which is less common in populations with a culinary history tied to Cilantro Taqueria use.

Cilantro Taqueria

Is cilantro a Mexican thing?

While cilantro is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine, it’s not exclusively Mexican. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Origins: Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.
  • Global Spread: Cilantro use expanded to various parts of the world through trade routes and colonization.
  • Mexican Adoption: Mexico embraced cilantro as a culinary staple after it was introduced by Spanish colonizers in the 1500s.
  • Worldwide Presence: Cilantro features prominently in many cuisines beyond Mexico, including:
    • Indian: Key ingredient in curries and chutneys
    • Chinese: Used in stir-fries and soups
    • Southeast Asian: Essential for flavoring pho and other dishes
    • Middle Eastern: Common in dips and salads

So, while cilantro plays a significant role in Mexican cuisine, it’s a globally loved herb that transcends any single culture.


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